PANASONIC KX TE82483 3×8 Expansion Card




Product Features :

  • Panasonic KX-TE82483 Expands The KX-TA824 Telephone Systems By 3 Analog CO Line And 8 Hybrid Extension Card
  • This Card Works With The Panasonic KX-TA824 Telephone System
  • The KX-TE82483 Phone System Expansion Card Can Be Installed In Either Expansion Card Slot. Maximum Of 2 Cards Per System
  • A Panasonic KX-TE82483 Caller ID Card May Be Added To This Card To This Card To Provide Caller ID Information To Your Panasonic Telephones
  • The Panasonic KX-TE82483 Expansion Card Expands The KX-TA824 Capability By 8 Extensions (Jacks 09-16) And By 3 CO Lines (CO 4-6)
  • Expands KX-TA824 to 6 CO Lines And 16 Extensions (Per Line) – Installs In 1st Slot