TIMI EC-100 Electronic Check Writer


TIMI Cheque Writer EC-100 cheque writer is easy to operate like calculator with elegant outline and delicate.The sign of RM, DAN, SEN and comma can be printed respectively. The Check Writer Features:

  • FOC : Ink Roller x 1 Unit
  • 14 Digits, Manual Paper Clamp, 16 Currency Option
  • EC-100 Cheque Writer Is Easy To Operate Like Calculator With Elegant And Delicate Printing That Provides Quick And Accurate Effectiveness
  • EC-100 Cheque Writer Is Easy To Read display By BIG LCD That Reduces Human Mistake
  • By Touching The Clear ( C ) Key To Delete Data
  • Repeatable Printing For same Amount
  • The Sign Of RM, DAN, SEN And Comma Can Be Printed Respectively
  • Printing Format : RM12,345,678DAN90SEN
  • EC-100 Cheque Writer Come With Special Structure Of Printing And Waterproof Ink That Prevents Amount Alteration/Deceit
  • The Printing Position Of Cheque Can Be Adjusted At Your Convenience (For Personal Cheque Or Company Cheque)